Champion Bans

What champions do i ban in Draft mode? ( Draven  patch - Updated 20.06.2012)

So you start playing ranked or normal draft mode,but really haven`t thought about who to ban yet.What should you do ? Well you could ban champions that you really hate.But that's not the best way.

You could also play towards the meta and ban the champions everyone else is banning because they think they're very strong.Well here's a list of such champions and  should you choose to ban them,remember you can ban only 3 champions

Bruiser (Solo top) : Shen
AP carry (Solo mid) : Morgana , Cassiopea , Ahri , Kennen , Ryze
Junglers : Lee Sin , Dr. Mundo
Support : Soraka
AD Carry : Graves

                                                                                          If you have any questions feel free to comment!!!


  1. decent suggestions good for people who dont know much about the game but alot of mistakes tbh.

    Firstly udyr > warwick in every single way, udyr is banned far far more. Warwick is not ban worthy. Rest are ok.

    Solo mid, karthus > kassadin, kassadin isnt anywhere near as good as karthus

    Jungle , take out skarner. Shaco only for soloqueue not for ranked teams. Put in nocturne, nocturne is top 3 must used jungle champ

    Ad carry, yes there is apoint in banning but only if u know the enemy team. But otherwise yh not too much point. Overall decent attempt but your missing alot of the metagame out and are seeing it in a wrong perspective